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Unit 1: The Bill of Rights and Government Power

PP   1: Originalism versus Living and Ideology versus Pragmatism                       

PP   2: The Fourteenth Amendment and Political Rights                              

PP   3: The First Amendment and Speech                                                  

PP   4: The First Amendment and the Press                                                

PP   5: The First Amendment and Religion                                                

PP   6: General Issues of the First Amendment                                           

PP   7: The Second Amendment                                                                

PP   8: The Fourth Amendment                                                              

PP   9: Miranda v. Arizona                                                                      

PP 10: The Fifth and Sixth Amendments                                                    

PP 11: The Eighth Amendment                                                                  

PP 12: Rights and Qualified Immunity                                                       

PP 13: Privacy and Rights Controversies                                                   



Unit 2: The Three Branches


PP  1: Separation of Powers/Checks and Balances                                                                

PP  2: The House and the Senate                                                              

PP  3: How a Bill Becomes Law                                                              

PP  4: The Constitutional Powers of Congress                                          

PP  5: Congress' Interstate Commerce Power                                           

PP  6: Constitutional Limits on Congressional Power                                 

PP  7: The Constitutional President                                                           

PP  8: Presidential Powers Defined                                                           

PP  9: The Judicial Branch                                                                        

PP 10: The Supreme Court                                                                      

PP 11: The Federal Bureaucracy                                                              

PP  12: The Constitutional Rules for the States                                          

PP  13: Amending the Constitution                                                            

PP  14: The Supremacy Clause  



Unit 3: Modern Constitutionalism and Governance   


PP  1: History of Suffrage in America    Audio                                                 

PP  2:  Public Opinion                                                                        

PP  3:  The Media        Audio                                                                       

PP  4: Political Parties    Audio                                                                       

PP  5: Interest Groups                                                                        

PP  6: Campaigns        Audio

PP  7: Campaign Finance

PP  8: Presidential Campaigns

PP  9: Creating Public Policy

PP 10: Monetary Policy

PP 11: The Social Safety Net

PP 12: Foreign Policy

PP13: Ideology and Policy Analysis


Unit 4: American Constitutional History (review unit)           

PP  1: The Philosophy of the American Revolution

PP  2: The American Revolution

PP  3: Philadelphia, 1787

PP  4: Ratification

PP  5: The Twelfth Amendment (in class only)

PP  6: 19th Century Federalism (in class only)

PP  7: 20th Century Federalism (in class only)

PP  8: Federalism in the Era of Split Government (in class only)