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Chief Justice John Jay (1798-1795)Chief Justice John Rutledge (1795-1795)Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth (1796-1800)Chief Justice John Marshall (1801-1835)Chief Justice Roger B. Taney (1836-1864)Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase (1864-1873)Chief Justice Morrison Waite (1874-1888)Chief Justice Melville Fuller (1888-1910)

Chief Justice Edward Douglass White (1910-1921)Chief Justice William Howard Taft (1921-1930)Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes (1930-1941)Chief Justice Harlan F. Stone (141-1946)Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson (1946-1953)Chief Justice Earl Warren (1953-1969)Chief Justice Warren Burger (1969-1986)Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist (1986-2005)Chief Justice John G. Roberts (2005 - )

Each past Chief Justice is enshrined in the Grand Hall of the Supreme Court building with a bust. 

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Case Reflection Overview

Sample Reflections by Mr. Jones

Johnson v. Williams    Tibbals v. Carter




Major Paper Assignment Files -        

All major papers should be turned in online at www.turnitin.com

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Scoring Guidelines for All Papers


The Odd Clauses Book Review Assigment Overview

Presidential Election Semester Assignment Overview     Projecting the Electoral College Spreadsheet


The Antonin Scalia Memorial In-Depth Case Review Assignment Sheet and Outline    Sample in-depth case review (Third Quarter Paper)   Sample Cover Page (Template for Third Quarter Paper)   




Moot Court Merit Brief Outline

Sample Moot Court Merit Brief

Sample Cover Page (Template for Moot Court Merit Briefs) 


End of Year Portfolio Pages


Glossary of Legal Terms to help with case readings and reflections

SCOTUSblog for Law Students overview of the Solicitor General's Role


Supreme Court of the United States website www.supremecourtus.gov   

Outstanding Blog concerning the Supreme Court www.scotusblog.com 

Case summaries with many briefs, oral argument audio files and/or oral argument transcripts at www.oyez.org

Website with almost every majority and dissenting opinion from the Supreme Court at FindLaw

Website with many summary, response and Amicus Briefs from recent Supreme Court cases at American Bar Association